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    Every journey begins with the breath.

  • spiritual journeys with the breath

    Breath is the soul, the spirit, the essence.

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Breathing Journeys offer spiritual retreats using meditation, breathwork and other practices to support and facilitate spiritual awakening, held in beautiful locations in Scotland and the UK.

Learning to journey with the breath gives people access to their own sense of divinity. It gives people a stronger connection to that aspect of experience we may call spirit. Allowing this to inform our way of living in the here and now of our daily lives gives rise to the miraculous.

We can heal with the breath.

We can allow spirit to help us restore balance.

We can become the person we wish to see acting in our own best interest.

Beyond teachers, programmes and our own ideas of right and wrong, the reality of the breath means that wherever you think you are in your life, you are always connected to spirit.

We invite you to come with everything you long for, everything you struggle with and everything you wish for your life. Trust that you have the time, the energy and the capabilities to create a fuller, richer and more extraordinary journey through life.

It simply involves breathing.

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