Why Breathing Journeys?

Our Ethos

Breathing Journeys is a ‘more than profit’* organisation which facilitates spiritual journeys using the breath.

We do this through a range of programmes that allow individuals an experience of spiritual reality within the context of their own beliefs. At the heart of our ethos is a deeply held desire for spiritual awakening as a practical reality which then informs our actions throughout all aspects of our lives.

Our Experience

All our retreats are facilitated by a highly experienced team of suitably qualified leaders and teachers in their chosen disciplines. Our breathwork facilitators are trained and qualified to UK and international standards and have years of experience of working within the personal development field and in particular with individuals who have experienced some form of trauma within their lives. They are fully committed to your well-being and all bring a willingness to share their experience and support you in your journey with us. Our experience has given us the utmost respect for the path all people are able to walk to transform their lives and during your time with us, our team will ensure that ou are fully supported to realise your highest aspirations for a complete life.

The Miracle of Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful body-mind-spirit process that enables deep healing and spiritual mastery. A common response to experiencing breathwork is that external situations change for the better without the necessity of trying to make change happen. When we experience a breathwork session we alter ourselves fundamentally at a subtle energetic level. As we resolve our own conflicts internally and allow unhelpful beliefs to drop away we allow life to flow through us with greater ease. Our life seems to increasingly bring us what we need to grow and flourish – simply by lying down and breathing!

Our Retreats

All our retreats are designed to help you fulfil your longings for a deeply fulfilled life. We offer our retreats in places of great scenic beauty to encourage connection with the natural world and to aid the restful and regenerative nature of our schedule. Retreat programmes are designed to balance inner work with outer experience and activities such as yoga and chi gung are used to help to ground and move the spiritual energy absorbed during breathwork.  The small groups on our retreats (15 max) also enables the creation of a wonderfully supportive communal atmosphere, where you are free to participate as much as you like during your time with us. Held within an atmosphere of non judgement and acceptance, our retreats provide a rich environment for self growth, discovery and renewal.

Our Venues

Our residential programmes are normally held in large country houses in beautiful surroundings with plenty of scope to take walks and explore the surrounding area. Spacious rooms with the option of single and shared accommodation and a welcoming atmosphere mean that your accommodation and the locality are likely to be a highlight of your experience.

Our Food

During residential programmes our in house chefs will prepare you delicious meals, using locally sourced, organic produce wherever possible. Much appreciated by participants, our chefs form an integral part of the the Breathing Journeys programme and are there to support you by providing beautiful food, lovingly prepared and presented for your complete enjoyment.

Our Commitment to You

We hope that Breathing Journeys can offer you a way to grow and develop on your own path, however all journeys are unique and if you are unsatisfied with your experience while attending any of our retreats we offer a full moneyback guarantee.

*More than profit – a proportion of our income is used to provide financial assistance to people who would like to attend one of our programmes but may not have the means to do so.


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