Why Breathing Journeys?

My Experience

As a breathwork facilitator I am trained and qualified to UK and international standards. I am also fully committed to your well-being and will ensure that during your time working with me you are fully supported to realise your highest aspirations for a complete life. As someone who has experienced and worked through significant trauma in their life, I also have first hand experience of both the impacts of this experience and the journey that can be taken to live a more fulfilled life. This journey has taken me through many different approaches to healing and has given me a strong set of skills that I draw upon to help guide you towards your own truth and your own unique life expression.

The Miracle of Breathwork

I came to Rebirthing Breathwork after many years of trying to resolve general feelings of being emotionally stuck. This showed up as a continual sense of emotional disconnectedness knowing that there was a set of feelings inside that I just couldn’t access. It also made it difficult to form good relationships, impacted my ability to create a financially secure life and I seemed to make the same poor choice over and over again to abandon whatever I was involved in just as it was bearing fruit.

The search for resolution however has brought me into contact with many forms of therapy and spiritual exploration. These have all been helpful and it is my experience that these were all required to build self awareness and to prepare the way for my entry into breathwork.

Breathwork is the only healing modality I have engaged with that has been able to take me where I needed to go in myself. Every session is unique, a collaboration between the psyche, the soul and the undefinable that we may refer to as ‘spirit’. It will take us where we need to go in a way that is safe, working at a pace dictated by our own psyche and taking us towards what we want for our lives. Through breathwork I was able to finally encounter and express an immense amount of grief that until then I had not been able to access. By allowing myself to finally feel this I gradually reconnected to myself and to a sense of spiritual wellbeing. Session by session, breathwork allows us to work through deeply held layers of discomfort whilst bringing life to what we wish to create for ourselves and our lives. It is fundamentally a creative process. It will enable you to become the author of your own life.

A common response to experiencing breathwork is that external situations change for the better without the necessity of trying to make change happen. When we breathe in a breathwork session we alter ourselves fundamentally at a subtle level. As we resolve our own conflicts internally we allow life to flow through us with greater ease. Our life seems to increasingly bring us what we need to grow and flourish – simply by lying down and breathing!

Breathing Journeys Programmes

All the programmes I offer are designed to help you fulfil your longings for a deeply fulfilled life.

Personal breathwork sessions are offered from Comrie in Perthshire. In the midst of a mosaic of mountains, woodland, farmland and rivers, this beautiful environment forms an ideal backdrop to our work together, where you are able to take time to enjoy the wonderful surroundings before or after sessions. Past participants have also chosen to work out of doors which adds another level of experience to the session.

Residential group programmes are also held in places of great scenic beauty to encourage connection with the natural world and to aid the restful and regenerative nature of our schedule. We offer an environment where you are free to participate as much as you wish during your time with us. In support of this we invite you to ask for what you need and to let us know what you really want to get from each programme.

Breathing Journeys Comittment to You

My experience has given me the utmost respect for the path all people are able to walk to transform their lives and to use their experience as a gift and a blessing which enriches their lives. We have all encountered extremely challenging times and I know the challenge can be daunting but ultimately liberating. I hope that Breathing Journeys can offer you a way to find your own path, however all journeys are unique and if you are unsatisfied with your experience while attending any of our programmes I offer a full moneyback guarantee.

If you want to find out more I offer a free initial meeting by phone or in person. All conversations are fully confidential.


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