Who are our Breathing Journeys for?

Who Will Benefit from Rebirthing Breathwork

Breathing Journeys are for those who wish to discover their own truth and help bring about a more conscious and awakened way of being as the foundation for a new way of living on earth.

Breathing Journeys will help you resolve what isn’t working in your life so you can move forward and lead a life enriched with meaning, contribution and purpose, bringing the essence of who you are into full expression in the world.

Breathing Journeys may be right for you if..

 You are feeling stuck and looking for a new direction in life
 You have tried other forms of therapy, healing or personal development but still can’t seem to get where you want in life
 You are looking to heal a particular issue such as trauma or abuse, illness, work, money or relationship difficulties
 You would like to experience your connection to something that fulfils your longing for divine experience
 You have an interest in spiritual practice and may have already explored practices such as meditation, yoga, shamanism, chi gung or others
 You are going through a process of change and are ready to become more of the person you came to be in this life

What are the benefits?

 Enjoy a safe and supportive space to heal what isn’t working in your life
• Learn tools to transform current challenges into opportunities to grow and thrive
 Heal long standing emotional issues that may have been with you for many years
 Heal the impacts of trauma and abuse
 Enjoy greater health, relationships, work, finances and a more connected sense of self
 Integrate your spirituality into your daily life
• Become more present to life and to your true nature as part of God/The Divine/Life

Breathing Journeys retreats are open to people of all belief systems and are not affiliated with any specific dogma or doctrine. We offer you a practice that allows for individual direct experience of spiritual reality, whatever that may be for you.

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