Who will benefit?

Who Will Benefit from Rebirthing Breathwork

Breathing Journeys programmes are for those who wish to discover their own truth and help bring about a more conscious and awakened way of being as the foundation for a new way of living on earth.

Breathing Journeys will help you resolve what isn’t working in your life so you can move forward and lead a life enriched with meaning, contribution and purpose, bringing the essence of who you are into full expression in the world.

Breathing Journeys may be right for you if..

 You are feeling stuck and looking for a new direction in life
 You are looking for a new way of operating in the world but can’t seem to find the right way of going about it
 You are struggling with impacts of trauma, abuse or a long standing emotional issue in your life
 You have tried other forms of therapy, healing or personal development but still can’t seem to get where you want in life
 You are open to new ways of looking at the world and ready to try a new approach
 You are willing to take responsibility for your life and your own spiritual growth
 You long to find a way of contributing to the creation of a more conscious and awakened way of living on earth
 The same patterns in life keep occurring, no matter what you do…

If so, then this work could help you..

 Discover your unique contribution in this life and how to make it happen
 Resolve current difficulties and thrive within all areas of your life
 Feel secure in your own power and know that whatever you want to create, you have the power and the method to do so
 Develop trust in your own choices and the path you take
 Experience your connection to something that fulfils your longing for divine experience
 Bring the essence of who you are into full expression in the world.

Breathing Journeys will suit you especially well if..

 You are open to the possibility of contributing to the emergence of a fully awakened humanity, even if you don’t understand how that might work or be possible
 You are strongly motivated by truth and the need to express truth at all times in your life
 You value honesty, integrity and clear communication, respect and acceptance of others
 You are drawn to all aspects of living in a way which is in keeping with the idea of all beings on earth as sacred
 You are fascinated by the belief that we can all attain complete connection with our own divinity in this life and make that a reality through our daily lives.

You might also be intrigued by the notion that..

 Healing our greatest traumas can lead us to uncover our greatest gifts
Through healing you can bring new parts of yourself to light at a time just when they are needed
 Healing offers a way of learning to appreciate all aspects of ourselves, no matter how shameful and how much they feel damaged
 All experiences, including trauma, offer the opportunity to become fully present into life and becoming awakened to out true nature as part of God/The Divine/Life

Breathing Journeys can help you transform your current challenges into opportunities to grow and thrive. Previous experience of Breathwork is not required, however an interest and openness to new aspects of experience is helpful, as is previous experience with some other form of spiritual practice or personal development.

Breathing Journeys programmes are open to people of all belief systems and are not affiliated with any specific dogma or doctrine. We offer you a practice that allows for individual direct experience of spiritual reality, whatever that may be for you.

Get in touch for a no obligation chat to find out if Breathing Journeys can be of service and help you live the life you always wished for.

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