Breathwork Sessions by Skype

For those who live too far away or are unable to make it for a personal session in Scotland, John Paul offers sessions by Skype or FaceTime. Whilst in no way a substitute for personal connection and physical presence, there is great value in having support and guidance to help you get the most from your Breathwork session. All you will need is a space somewhere to lie down and breathe and a computer or tablet with internet connection and camera.

John Paul Mason Rebirthing Breathwork

Sessions can be booked in three different formats. Please contact John Paul initially to arrange a suitable time and then choose your preferred option.

Half Hour Taster Session

A taster session gives you the opportunity to learn the process of Conscious Connected Breathing and to work with what is present for you right now. You will get full instruction to the technique and guided through the process of working with your present experience. Highly recommended as a way of getting familiar with the technique and how to use it.

Cost: £15

One Hour Session

A one hour session allows you the opportunity to immerse your self more deeply in the process and to work through deeper levels of suppressed experience to bring healing as required. This session will include:

 10 minutes consultation to identity what you would like to focus on
 40 minute breathing session
 10 minutes session review and integration.

Highly focused, a one hour session can enable you to bring healing to specific issues present in your life right now.

Cost: £45

Full Two Hour Session

Allowing yourself the time for a full two hour session will enable you to enter into the fullness of a complete Breathing Journey. This will enable you to address issues in your life that require deeper levels of healing, with additional support to guide you through the process of resolution. Includes a pre-session questionnaire to help you get the most from your session and follow up email or call to help you integrate the session. Package includes:

 Pre session questionnaire
 20 minutes consultation to identify focus for the session
 90 minute breathing session
 10 minutes post session review and integration
 Follow up email or call to answer any questions to support session integration.

Cost: £90