'I started my Breathwork journey with John Paul to help me with insomnia.  During my sessions deep emotions were released from present and past lives and every session was a very different experience.  In one of the sessions I had a very profound release of emotions from a past life that I had no idea was in my subconscious.  John Paul has a very calming presence.  His compassion guided me during the sessions to stay present with my experience.  His heart centered and intuitive approach made me feel secure and supported to allow a safe exploration and healing.  Thank you John Paul.' J 2017'

'I know this is just the beginning of my journey using conscious connected breathing.  It is a simple but profound and transformative technique to access the murky depths of the subconscious with the breath being a bridge between the conscious and subconscious and all that lies within. Thank you. Also, Comrie in Autumn is stunningly beautiful, being in nature each day after the sessions was perfect'. SS October 2015

"Located in a beautiful area to walk in, delicious food and open fires added to the feelgood factor, this was a relaxing and at the same time an eye opening retreat, empowering myself on the new journey that just started. Would love to participate in the next retreat as well." S.L Nov 2014.

'Breathwork itself brought many positive changes to my life.  It has helped me to be more relaxed, open and accepting towards myself and more positive in my life. Also some great things started to happen "on their own" - almost without effort from my side -  I have found a loving partner, paid back my debts, moved to a better flat etc. I still continue my breathing journey and expect more good changes to come. I would definitely recommend both the breathwork as a method to make a positive change in your life and John Paul as a facilitator of it.' A.N Nov 2014

'I have just finished a 10-week course with John Paul and learned so much more than I hoped I would. I'm now practicing a whole new approach to life, feeling much calmer and able to breathe my way through anything and trusting myself more each day.' CG April 2013

'The work is profound and transformative –
and as facilitator John Paul holds a safe and supportive energy in a
nurturing environment that is beautiful and harmonious.' S 2011

'Shortly into the process I was acutely aware of powerful energies moving through my body, and because I trusted John Paul to 'hold the space' for me I felt safe. Guided by your instructions and encouragement, I was able to freely allow and respond to these energies
in an intuitive way. At the end of the session I had a sense of having 'shifted' something,
leaving me in a lighter, calmer space, which later became more of an exhilarated state.
A unique experience!' BH 2008