Personal Breathwork Retreats with John Paul

One-one breathwork programmes and personal retreats in Perthshire, Scotland for individuals who would like to complete a series of personal sessions, offering the opportunity to effect deep and lasting change.

Breathwork transformational personal development programmes

These can take the form of either a block booking of regular Breathwork sessions or a more intensive set of sessions taken over two or more days within the context of a Personal Breathwork Retreat (see below)

Regular Sessions

All session are up to two and half hours duration. Sessions can be booked individually or as a series of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions. There is a free initial consultation to help understand what your needs are and how breathwork could benefit you.

I have just finished a 10-week course with John Paul and learned so much more than I hoped I would.”

Initial one hour consultation: Free
Single session: £90
Ten sessions block: £850

All work is fully confidential.

To book a session or find out more about how Breathwork sessions could help:


Personal Breatwork Retreat

A personal breathwork retreat allows you the opportunity to engage in a deeper process of healig and spiritual enquiry over the course of two or more days. By itself, rebirthing breathwork is a powerful agent for change, however when you combine the effects of breathwork with time out from your day to day schedule and the healing environment of woodland, mountains and rivers the results can be profound.

These retreats can be held anywhere in the UK, although John Paul does enjoy providing these from his home village in the foothills of the Highlands of Scotland.

During your breathwork retreat you can benefit fromone or two two breathwork sessions each day, with support to help you navigate and integrate the changes that occur. We organise local accommodation for you to suit your preferences and after the sessions you are free to enjoy the wonderfully relaxing local environment. There are numerous walks in the surrounding area. Evenings and mealtimes would be free for you to spend as you wish. This way of working has proven to be very beneficial to previous clients who have achieved remarkable results through this format.

The work is profound and transformative – and as facilitator John Paul holds a safe and supportive energy in a nurturing environment that is beautiful and harmonious.”

All personal breathwork retreats are tailored to your specific requirements and provide a container for powerful and highly supported shifts in your journey towards wholeness.

Choose as many days as you like
Choose from a variety of local accommodation options
Experience deeply transformative breathwork sessions
Impact your life positively through a process of creative change
Enjoy exploring the surrounding countryside
Feel supported in achieving what you want from life.

To arrange your personal breathwork retreat or to to discuss your requirements: