Perfect Body Perfect Mind


In this programme we use the inherent capacity of the breath for enjoying who we already are to see past our self imposed limitations and truly embrace our natural perfection.

Breathing in, we affirm our own sense of gratitude for being alive with all the opportunity that entails; Breathing out, we empty to make room for our own magnificence.

Perfect Body, Perfect Mind
Date: 20-23 October 2017, Scotland
Price: £425-£550

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Rural Perthshire in Scotland. Situated at the edge of the Highlands, this area provides wonderful opportunities for walks and exploring the surrounding countryside.


  •  Optional morning meditation sessions and light exercise
  •  Daily breathwork sessions (morning and afternoon sessions)
  •  Group and partnered sessions
  •  Time to take walks and enjoy the Scottish countryside
  •  Spacious and relaxed atmosphere
  •  3 nights fabulous country house accommodation
  •  Delicious and varied vegetarian home cooking
  •  Evening activities

What can you expect from the programme?

This programme will show you how to use the breath as a vehicle for exploring and developing a deeper appreciation of who you are. We will combine daily breathwork sessions with exercises including drawing, writing and group sharing to help us reframe our experience and celebrate our own aliveness. Optional meditation sessions each morning and lighthearted evening activities will also be offered to provide a rich and varied programme that also offers time and space for personal reflection. Afternoons there is normally free time to take a walk and explore the surrounding area.

All programme activities are optional and are included within an atmosphere of non judgement and acceptance. We will support you throughout the programme whatever your level of participation.


Your accommodation for the week is large country house in rural Perthshire. This offers a mix of single, double and twin rooms priced accordingly. Some rooms will be en-suite, others with shared bathrooms. All meals are included.


Full details for arrival and getting there will be sent on booking. Please arrive by 7pm on the first day of the programme. We will finish by 10am on the last day.


£420 to £550 all inclusive depending on room type selected (details sent with booking form).

breathwork_programme_wind_in_hairPerfect Body, Perfect Mind

Date: 20-23 October 2017
Location: Perthshire, Scotland
Price: £425-£550

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There is one bursary assisted place for those who would like to attend but have limited financial resources. Please contact us for further information.


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