Our Values

Our Values

We endeavour to ensure that all relationships throughout our business should be win-win.

This includes ourselves as a profit making organisation, our clients, our staff, our suppliers and the environment. To this end the following statements hold true:

Our Organisation

We run our organisation as a profit making enterprise to ensure long term sustainability and personal wellbeing for those involved. We encourage creativity, co-operation and imagination to keep our organisation alive and thriving.

Our Clients

We honour our clients and provide them with true and accurate information about our programmes to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their participation. We communicate alterations to programmes as necessary and in full communication with participants. We offer a full moneyback guarantee to any of our clients who are unsatisfied with their experience while attending one of our programmes. We also commit to providing at least one bursary place within each of our programmes for those with the desire to attend but with a need for financial assistance.

Our Staff

We pay our staff a fair fee for their time and treat them with honesty, integrity and respect. We allow those who work for and with us to express themselves and their opinions regarding the ongoing journey of our organisation to create a working environment that is supportive and which encourages participation.

Environmental Policy

Since many of our programmes are held and rooted in places of great inspiration scenically, an integral part of our working ethos is creating a sacred space and honouring the land around us. For us this includes giving thanks, minimising disturbance, encouraging relationship to the natural world and doing what we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We believe passionately in the rights of all other forms of life to share the places we inhabit and place ourselves no higher than any other of the myriad forms of that which we call creation.

Specific practical strategies to help us align with this policy include:
•  Holding programmes in places with good access by public transport
  Imparting information about the local area to encourage a sense of place
•  Creating programmes which allow for time to connect with the natural environment
•  Offsetting all our carbon emissions through investment in natural woodland regeneration within Scotland
•  Engaging with local sustainability initiatives and efforts to reimagine ways in which we live and work
•  Using local, organic produce wherever possible as a priority for all our in house programmes