Divine Life, Divine Breath: Jan 26th 2019, Yoga Tree Stirling


The Art of Conscious Connected Breathing

Would you like to learn a powerful process for accelerating your own healing and spiritual growth?

This one day ‘pay what you can’ workshop will teach how to Journey with the breath for greater mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You will learn this powerful and highly accessible process for improving physical health, resolving emotional difficulties, finding love, purpose and connecting to God, however you define the Divine in your life. The breathing proces is simple but extremely effective.

What this day will give you

During the workshop you will learn the fundamentals to Conscious Connected Breathing and will have the opportunity to both experience your own breath session as well as simply ‘sit’ (being present) for another participant while they go through the process. In this way you will learn how to ‘Journey’ with the breath and experience how useful it is just to have someone else with you as you breathe.

During your own Breathing Journey you will be lying down and breathing in a specific way for around one hour. You may experience a range of thoughts, feelings and sensations that lead to some aspect of your experience having “shifted”. The positive change that is experienced in the breath session is then reflected in your life. The practice will provide you with a powerful tool for your own ongoing spiritual development and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Eventbrite - Divine Life, Divine Breath

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone interested in healing and spiritual exploration.  If you have experience of other practices such as meditation, yoga, shamanism, chi-gung or other body-mind-spirit approaches then you are likely to find it of great benefit. The workshop is suitable for those completely new to any form of Breathwork as well as those already familar with the practice.

“Breathwork itself brought many positive changes to my life.  It has helped me to be more relaxed, open and accepting towards myself and more positive in my life.”

Six Good Reasons to Come to this Workhop

1. You’ll learn a highly effective process for your own healing and transformation

2. You’ll learn three ways of using the process for yourself in your daily life

3. You’ll learn how to set strong intentions to get the most from the process

4. You’ll receive the benefits of a full breathwork session yourself during the workshop

5. You’ll learn how to give yourself a phsycial detox just by breathing

6. You’ll have ongoing access to the Breathing Journeys facebook group for ongoing support

Plus – sign up for the Breathing Journeys newsletter and you’ll also get a complete free ebook guide to using the process including video and soundfile support.

How this Workshop is Priced

This workshop is offered on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. The pricing is presented in this way to make the event accessable to all who genunely wish to attend whatever their financial situation. All that we ask is that you pay a £15 deposit up front to reserve you place so that we know numbers in advance of the workshop. There are three ways you can pay:

1. Pay-what-you-can-on-the-day: This is how I invite you to pay. It means you reserve your place in advance with a £15 deposit and then pay whatever you think the workshop is worth at the end.  This is done anonymously. There is no expectation to give any particular amount and whether that is zero up to the full workshop price your attendance is welcomed.

2. Pay-what-you-can-in-advance: Pay the deposit of £15 plus whatever you can on top when you book your place. Nothing further will be asked on the day.

3. Pay-full-price-upfront: I’ve included this as some people are more comfortable with this option. You pay the full workshop price of £90 in advance when you book your place.

Eventbrite - Divine Life, Divine Breath

Booking and Registration

Pre booking is essential. You can either book via this page, or to avoid the booking fee contact John Paul directly below. The workshop will start at 10am.  Please arrive in good time for event registration at 09.45 on the day. The workshop is being held at the Yoga Tree in Stirling upstairs at at 25B in Stirling Arcade in the city centre. 

What to Bring

Please bring a blanket. If you have something to lie on like a roll up matt that would also be useful but not essential.

For further details contact John Paul:

Tel: 01764 425023
Mob: 07747032300

Eventbrite - Divine Life, Divine Breath


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