Group Programmes

Breathwork Programmes

Our range of programmes offer an opportunity for both individuals and organisations to engage in a process of enquiry, re-evaluation and becoming.

Breathwork Programmes for Individuals

For individuals I offer one-one personal breathwork programmes in the form of either a course of regular sessions or a personal residential programme where you have the opportunity to work with me in a more intensive way over two or more days. I also offer group residential programmes (see below) several times a year where you have the opportunity to gather with a small group over the the course of a weekend or week and engage with the work in a deeper way with other like minded souls 

Breathwork Programmes for Groups

For groups and organisations I offer a wide range of programmes varying from one day workshops and short seminars to weekend or week long group experiences. Programmes can be in house or fully residential at venues chosen to suit the restful and regenerative nature of our programmes.  These programmes are undertaken in consultation with your group and can be based on any of the themes described below or to meet a specific interest of the group.

Residential Group Programmes

Group residential programmes are offered several times a year where you have the opportunity to gather with a small group of like minded souls over the the course of a weekend or week and engage with the work in a deeper way.  The focus here is on a relaxed approach to personal discovery. These programmes are intended to provide an enjoyable and rich experience, with the natural environment, the programme and the Breathing Journeys team all combining to support you in achieving what you want from your experience with Breathing Journeys. Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional experience, for you to discover your own sense of connection to whatever aspect of life you understand as spirit.


Breathwork Programmes Perfect Body


Perfect Body, Perfect Mind

In this programme we use the inherent capacity of the breath for enjoying who we already are to see past our self-imposed limitations and truly embrace our natural perfection. Breathing in, we affirm our own sense of gratitude for being alive with all the opportunity that entails; Breathing out, we empty to make room for our own magnificence.

Perfect Body, Perfect Mind
Date: 22-29 September 2018, Perthshire
Price: £850-£1050

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Walking in Wisdom  

Taking our first steps towards anything new in our lives can be tricky. All manner of doubts and circumstances can arise to challenge us, confront us and bring us closer to ourselves. By taking the time to integrate these as they arise, we move steadily along the path of self knowledge, gaining clarity, poise and wisdom. Our resistances serve to guide us, to keep us travelling on the road we need in order to grow. As we get closer to our intended destination we increasingly become aware of the opportunities all challenges bring. Thus we travel lightly, our breath our companion and guide.  

Breathwork programmes Wisdom

Breathwork Programme Illusion

Free from Illusion  

Our beliefs about who we are and what we see inform the way we interact with the world. How accurate are they? Do they serve us or hinder us? Are we even aware of their existence? Breathwork can provide us with a way of dissolving belief systems that no longer hold true for us. By bringing to light our unconscious thought processes, we get an opportunity to reframe our experience and the way we view our lives. Re-action becomes rediscovering - who we are and what we stand for - free from the illusion that we are separate and outside of our own creative reality.    

A Beautiful Life  

Breathing with intention initiates an extraordinary journey towards the life we wish for ourselves. Breath by breath, we bring ourselves closer to our full expression in the world. Embracing our natural creative potential, we manifest our highest vision for life while staying present, grounded and full of possibility for whatever may arise to help us achieve wholeness.

Breathwork Programme Beatiful Life

Breathwork Programme Kindness

River of Kindness  

What does it mean to be kind to ourselves? By breathing into the fullness of our being, we bring aspects of ourselves previously hidden into view. By embracing what we have previously said no to in ourselves, we discover a renewed sense of kindness and forgiveness towards who we are. Seeing this in ourselves, we naturally extend acceptance towards others.