About Breathing Journeys

Who Are Breathing Journeys?

Breathing Journeys is run by myself, John Paul Mason from Comrie, Perthshire and is a ‘more than profit’* organisation offering unique spiritual journeys for healing and transformation through the modality of Rebirthing Breathwork. I work with both individuals and groups offering one-one sessions, personal breakthrough retreats, day workshops or longer residential programmes. This work offers clients a way to heal and integrate deeply suppressed experiences, to resolve areas of difficulty in their life whilst moving towards what they want from their lives. The process is deeply transformative and leads steadily to a more connected and present experience of life and the knowledge that one truly is a co-creator of their own experience.

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John Paul Mason Rebirthing Breathwork

How Breathing Journeys Can Help

If you have spent many years participating in different processes for personal and spiritual growth but can’t seem to get where you want in life then Breathing Journeys can help. It is particularly helpful for addressing deep seated patterns of behaviour that seem to keep repeating and keep you stuck in life. This work will enable you to resolve current issues in your life so that you can move on and create the life you always wished for. It will help you bring the essence of who you are into full expression in the world. More than anything, this work is about fully being here, fully participating in life and becoming more present, more alive and becoming more attuned to yourself as a unique expression of the Divine.

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Why Breathing Journeys is Effective

Rebirthing Breathwork allows you to access thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that remain unconscious so that you can bring them to light and transform them. It goes where traditional talking therapies may not reach in a way that is safe, empowering and enlightening. It will enable you to bring who you are fully into the world.

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How to work with Breathing Journeys

For individuals I offer one-one sessions from Comrie in Perthshire. These can be taken on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as required. I also offer multi day personal residentials where you can experience the benefits of working with me over several days in a highly supportive and nurturing environment.

I also offer group residential programmes which can be joined by individuals and which are also available to existing groups.

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Your Breathing Journeys Guide

I am a fully qualified Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner with a wide variety of experience in different approaches to healing and transformation. My initial interest in breath work started in 2008 when I started going through a period of significant personal change and upheaval. An initial one week training with Peggy Dylan of Sundoor International then led to further training with Zentium International of Australia in 2009. Between 2010 and 2013 I completed a Diploma in Rebirthing with the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing and qualified as a Rebirther. Having been through the process of healing the experience of sexual abuse in myself, I also understand personally the challenges that significant trauma can bring and feel honoured to now help others safely transcend their own challenges so that they can their lives fully.

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Discover More

To find out more about this work I offer a free initial consultation to understand what your needs are and if what I offer is a good match for you. I also provide talks on request for a small donation where this work would be of interest to a group or organisation. Listen to a recent presentation…

*More than Profit. A proportion of profits are given to support individuals in attending programmes if they are financially unable to do so.