About Breathing Journeys

Breathing Journeys is a ‘more than profit’* organisation founded by John Paul Mason offering unique spiritual journeys for healing and transformation.

John Paul Mason Rebirthing Breathwork

We offer regular group retreats in Scotland and one-one sessions or personal retreats for individuals from Comrie at the edge of the Scottish Highlands.

How Breathing Journeys Can Help

If you have spent many years participating in different processes for healing or personal growth but can’t seem to get where you want in life then Breathing Journeys can help you:

 Move towards what you want in life whilst letting go of anything that no longer serves you.
 Heal Trauma
 Resolve long held emotional difficulties such as anxiety an depression
 Let go of deep seated patterns of behaviour that seem to keep repeating and keep you stuck in life
 Navigate periods of personal change or upheaval
 Bring forth a new expression of yourself
 Thrive in all areas of your life
 Experience a more present experience of life and a gradual unfolding of spiritual awareness.

Why Breathing Journeys is Effective

Breathing Journeys uses Rebirthing Breathwork – a powerful process that allows you to access thoughts, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that remain unconscious so that you can bring them to light and transform them. It goes where traditional talking therapies may not reach in a way that is safe, empowering and enlightening. Through Rebirthing Breathwork you will learn to breathe increased amounts of spiritual energy through your system leading to a detoxification of the body, mind and spirit so that you naturally move towards a more fulfilling experience. This spiritual energy enables healing in a way that is hard to describe in words and allows individuals to access levels of consciousness beyond the everyday mundane experience. The process is highly effective and enables rapid healing and change. You also learn to self-facilitate removing the need for a long term therapeutic relationship with a facilitator.

Working with With Breathing Journeys

You can engage with Breathwork and Breathing Journeys through either one-one sessions or group sessions within the context of one of our Breathwork Retreats.

One-one sessions and personal breathwork retreats are offered by John Paul from his home base in Perthshire, Scotland. Here you can experience the benefits of working in a highly focused way to achieve remarkable results with breathwork in a very supportive and nurturing environment. To find out more about one-one sessions click here.

Our group Breathwork Retreats combine Breathwork with other spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, chi gung and time in nature. These retreats enable you to take a step back from daily life, to find solutions to current life challenges and to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your own spirituality. Held in beautiful locations in Scotland and Europe, these retreats enable deep healing to take place and with the support of other like minded souls in the group, will help you move toward the life you truly wish for. More about our Breathwork Retreats…

Discover More

To find out more about Breathing Journeys and any of our breathwork retreats in Scotland get in touch.

*More than Profit. A proportion of profits are given to support individuals in attending programmes if they are financially unable to do so.